Proposed East Coast Trip Changes
Due to my family's recent bout with the Noro Virus,
(stomach flu) and my fears of infecting my students
I've been forced to arrange the following changes to my upcoming trip to the NYC area.

I've tried to add a few more weekend slots by staying over a few extra days.
I realize that although this may allow many of you to take a class that was previously scheduled on a weekday,
it may also cause some of you to miss a class.  Please know how sorry I am for this.

Shop Class Scheduled Time New Time
Knitty City
Combination Knitting
Tues Feb 26 2:00 pm Tues Mar 4 2:00 pm
Love Your Lace
Tues 6:00 pm Tues Mar 4 6:00 pm
Knit Knack
Maplewood, NJ
Combination Knitting
Wed Feb 27 9:00 am Sat Mar 8 10:00 am
Angelfire Studios
Basking Ridge, NJ
New Directions in Knitting with Color
Wed Feb 27 6:00 pm Sat Mar 8 6:00 pm
Knit Knack
Maplewood, NJ
Thurs Feb 28 9:00 am No Change
Thurs Feb 28 1:00 pm Thu Mar 6 6:00 pm
Westfield, NJ 
Combination Knitting
Thurs Feb 28 6:00 pm No Change
Knitters Knitche
Miller Place, NY
(Long Island)
New Directions in Knitting With Color

Fri Feb 29 10:00 am Fri Feb 29 1:00 pm
Universal Mitered Bag / Modular Knitting
Fri Feb 29 5:00 pm No Change
Mystic River Yarns
Mystic, CT 
Combination Knitting
Sat Mar 1 10:00 am No Change
Knitting with Wire
Sat Mar 1 2:00 pm No Change
Saratoga Needle Arts
Annie Potpourri (2 Classes)
Sun Mar 2 10pm & 2pm No Change
Nashoba Valley
Knitters Guild

Harvard, MA 
Combination Knitting Lecture Wed Mar 5 6:00 pm No Change