Black Prince Hood

Change in Tip verbiage to address mistakes in written rows 5 & 7

Rnd 5: [C3R, k2, C3L] rep to end of rnd.
Rnd 6: Knit all sts
Rnd 7: [K1, sl 1, k6] 10 (12, 13, 15)  times.

Change in Neck verbiage to address working the increase in EVERY row, and to make the math work out better.

Return to original provisional CO row, undo & slip 64 (72, 80, 88) sts onto smallest needles, arrange work so that RS is facing.  Next Row: Dkss edge, Inc 1R, k to last 4 sts, Inc 1L, Dkss edge.

Rep last row, (working dkss edge as est on RS and WS rows) until there are 84 (96, 108, 120) sts on needle, then work even in garter for 4 rows, working  Dkss edge as est.

Leaf Medallion Pullover The balls of yarn required seems extremely high, but because there are many colors in the sweater, several of which only use a small bit of yarn, more yarn must be purchased than will be used.  Here's a table to explain. 
Romantic Hand Knits Glossary Romantic Hand Knits Pg 140 - The symbols for Vertical Double Decrease and Twisted Stitch are transposed;

= VDD  
= TW 1
Notorious (Sweetheart Corset) Romantic Hand Knits Cables in key should be labeled, Cable 6 Left and Cable 6 Right.  They are 6 st cables, not 4 st cables.

Pg 45, Col 1, Para 1, 8 rows from bottom reads:
Next Row (RS): K1, wyif sl 1, k1, knit to 1 st before center...
this should read:
Next Row (RS): K1, wyif sl 1, k1, p2, knit to 1 st before center...

Note: The finished garment should match the schematic hip, waist and bust measurement, even though it seems like it would be too big based on the gauge given.  If you obtain the gauge given in St. st, you will be fine.  The ribbing and cable panel in the garment will pull the finished garment in so that it more closely matches the schematic measurements.  If you want a looser fit, move up a size.
Dark Victory
(Malabrigo Pullover)
Romantic Hand Knits After rib is established, on pg 60, work Rounds 1, 2 & 4 as written, but use this text for round 3
Number of dec sts is wrong at top of pg 60, column 2, line 3.  Instead of 6 sts, bind off 12 sts - see revised text here

Hey, what’s up with the picture??  It doesn’t match the pattern...  Yes, I was an idiot to let something so glaring scoot past me.  Here's more of a the scoop...
June Bride
(Pink Mitts)
Romantic Hand Knits Material used in the mitts is Artyarns Cashmere 2, not Artyarns Silk Mohair.
The stitch count right before establishing the lace pat should be 39 (47, 55) sts  (more detail here)

Silk Mohair is mentioned in intro by mistake.  Yarn mentioned in pattern,
Artyarns Cashmere 5 is the yarn used in the pattern.  Only 2 strands of this 5-strand yarn is used at a time.

Hey, what’s up with the picture??  It doesn’t match the pattern...  
Again??!!  Well, at least I've got a good story about this one...

Silk Stockings Romantic Hand Knits The missing needle size is 5 / 3.75mm
Short row heel Part II stitch count correction (more detail here)
Charade Romantic Hand Knits The gauge listed in Romantic Hand Knits for Charade is different than my calculated gauge when I designed the pattern.  The problem is manifested in the decrease calculation for the surplice shaping.  See new shaping here and a diagram of where the surplice shaping will fall depending on the size made.
Affair to Remember
(Tulip Skirt)
Romantic Hand Knits

Correction on balls required (yardage is correct, ball amount is wrong)
   South West Trading Company A-MAIZing, 100% Corn Fiber, 143 yds / 130 m per 50 gr ball
   5 (5, 6, 6, 7, 7) balls / 620 (687, 741, 801, 875, 927) yds / 567 (628, 677.5, 732.5, 800, 847.5) m

Correction on stitch count at start of pattern and in the Side Lace section (more detail here)

(Sexy Dress)
Romantic Hand Knits Work initial ribcage section flat, NOT in the round, and seam up the back of this section before working skirt. Begin by working with size 7 / 4.5m needles The larger yardage amount listed in the book is correct.
The Heiress
(Embroidered Cardigan)
Romantic Hand Knits Original cast on numbers are slightly off.  Cast on should be:  126 (150, 180, 204, 234, 258) sts Of course, this causes a whole cascading string of numbers to be slightly off.  Click here for revised text.
Some Like It Hot
(Black Gloves)
Romantic Hand Knits In rows 2 and 4 of Chart A, the empty spaces should be left slanting decreases (see rows 10 & 12)
A Room With A View
(Peplum Surplice)
Romantic Hand Knits See all corrections here.
Streetcar Named Desire
(Tulip Negligee)
Romantic Hand Knits Finish picot edging at bottom of hem in the same manner as plackets are worked
(instructions to sew cast on edge to wrong side were omitted)
Omit VDD in first row of Chart D - see revised chart here
Now, Voyager
(Silk Embroidered Skirt)
Romantic Hand Knits Gauge information is missing.  Should be: 5 sts x 7 rows = 1" in St st using size 6US / 4mm needle
All About Eve
(Ribbon Wrap Skirt)
Romantic Hand Knits Mistake in row counts after short rows are worked, use this text for correct row counts.
Red Carpet Convertible Clarification for bust shaping Charts D, E & F decreases
Revision of back stitch count when setting up Armhole decreases.  It should read:
ARMHOLE BINDOFF  Next Round: Starting at contrasting marker, work 27 (37, 42, 52, 62, 62) sts in rib as est.
Gray Cabled Vest Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them Red repeat boxes omitted from back chart
Empty boxes in Row 2, sts 20 & 21 should repeat from previous row
Work same number of ribbing rows for front as for back.  Rib rows were omitted from back chart.
Raglan Mock Soy Silk Sweater Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them Change to stitch count at armhole shaping. Last paragraph of pg 25 should read: Divide work equally into front and back - 88 (96, 104, 112, 120, 128, 144, 152) sts each side.

Change to Armhole Bindoff:  Pg 26, paragraph 1, col 1 should read:   Work back and forth on each piece as follows:  BO 3 sts at start of next 2 rows, and knit rem sts - 82 (90, 98, 106, 114, 122, 138, 146) sts rem.
Diagonal Colorblock Pullover Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them
New Yardages for Diagonal Colorblock Pullover

Color A

Color B

Color C

Color D

Total Ydg

Rainbow Cuff Bracelet Twist & Loop Missing hook size is D / 3.25 mm
Crocheted Cocoon IK Crochet Spring '06 Some changes in verbiage to help thwart confusion!
Falling Leaves Scarf sold through Signature Needle Arts Change original cast on to 5 sts (chart will make sense then!)
DKSS = Double Knit Slip Stitch Edge.

Tip: Remember when working this edge, the yarn will ALWAYS be toward you when slipping a stitch.
All Over Pattern Jacket sold at
(pattern currently sold is correct)
A mistake in the Back sts between armhole shapings
Linen Oval Knitting Millinery Pg 39 - Needle size should be 5 for all sizes, one size each size.
Use any size circ you want
Pg 41 - Under "Begin Pattern" the chart mentioned should be Chart B.
Pg 44/45 -
Decrease direction in written instruction (Left & Right Slanting decreases) are transposed.  Chart is correct.
Greta Garbo Hat Lace Style A mistake at the start of the crown.   After picking up 117 (130, 143) sts and BEFORE working rnds 1-19 of crown tip chart, work the repeating section of the brim chart (the 13 sts between the blue lines) until crown depth measures 2 (2-1/2, 3") /6.4 (7.1, 7.7) cm.  At THAT point begin working the decrease for the brim, shown in the triangle shaped chart.
Alison's Scarf free pattern
(pattern currently available is correct)
A mistake in the number of chart rows
Twisted Float Cocoon Sweater VK Fall 2005 not really a correction, but some visual assistance with the twisted float trim fabric
Silk Corset
(pattern currently sold is correct)
Here's a correction in the text of Chart A (even rows)
Bust Decrease Text Correx# of sts to be worked between charts C is 1 st too high.
A correction in chart C, row 17 A stitch is prematurely deleted (it goes away in row 18)
A correction in the text of chart F, row 7 & in row 17 (text and chart) The k5's should be changed to k4's
A correction in the text of chart B, row 2. Delete the 2nd p1 from row 2 of Chart B,
  it should read, Row 2 (WS): [(P1, k2, p2, k2) twice] rep to end, end p1
New Chart F which lines up VDDs in a nicer manner
Correction to Drape Cap Sleeve

With A, pick up 29 (29, 29, 29, 29, 37, 37, 37) sts along top bound off edge of armhole.  Work chart F (F, F, F, F, E, E, E) twice over sts, ending with st 15 (15, 15, 15, 15, 19, 19, 19 of chart.  Work to end of chart, repeating last 2 rows 3 times.  Work 4 rows in garter stitch with yarn B, bind off loosely. 
Net Bag 2006 Accord Pattern A Day Calendar Correction to pattern, click here for new pattern
Ribbed Corset
(Corset T, Free Pattern)
Knitty Gritty Website Stitch count after armhole shaping is off - click here for corrected pattern
Sideways Spencer IK Fall 2004 A fix for the pesky repeating rows problem on the sleeve increase.
Racooon Jacket IK Spring 2003 Raccoon Sleeve Correction
C3 Jacket Knitty, Winter 02 a fix for the neck shaping miscalculation &
Stitch Key
Aline Bag sold at
(pattern currently sold is correct)
Minor Typos and a clearer stitch key with a revised chart