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There seems to be a problem in the written instructions in Interweave Knits.

It's possible to misconstrue
the instructions so that the
knitter repeats rows of
the charted pattern,
thus ruining the cable
and wave effect.

Here's what it looks like...

See below for
a solution!







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The problem is when IK rewrote my instructions they changed the way I'd worded my increases (supposedly to make it more clear, but it's easy to misconstrue - it's impossible to make written instructions crystal clear to everyone!)

This is probably something I should have caught when they sent the instructions to me for a final proofing, but to be honest if I check my pattern proof and all of the numbers match, sometimes I space out on the verbage.

When my instructions were edited they were changed to standard instruction parlance: "repeat these last .... rows" meaning, "repeat the increases that you've worked in the last ... rows, but keep working the non increased stitches as established following the charted pattern"

Here's what I originally wrote, I think it will help clarify the situation -

Cast on and begin working as designated in the Interweave Knits pattern. Work until sleeve increase begins.

Increase Sleeve Edges
Continue working in charted pat as established, inc for sleeves as foll:
work 8 (0, 8) rows with no inc,
then inc 1 st each edge every 12 rows 2 (2, 3) times - 42 (50, 52 sts)
then inc 1 st each edge every 6 rows 4 (4, 6) times - 50 (58, 64 sts)
then inc 1 st each edge every other row 10 (10, 12) times - 70 (78, 88) sts.

Work even until sleeve measures approx 16 (16, 18)" from cast on edge, ending with row 48 (48, 12) of chart.


This is what you do not want...

©2003 Annie Modesitt