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Annie Face In This Issue

The online classes are more successful than I'd ever DREAMED!

After announcing my Online Combination Class in my last newsletter, January sold out in a few hours, February sold out the first week in January and March is filling up quickly.

This is especially wonderful given some health changes that have come up recently, and allows me to continue doing what I love from my home!

The classes are taught through a private networks at ning.com (if you join my Online Teaching Network there (it's free!) you can stay up to date on any new classes I post, or discounts I offer!)

For more information on what the classes entail and how to go about registering, visit anniemodesitt.com/onlineclasses to register right away (use code "newsletter" for 10% off any class price!)

I'll be adding the Universal Mitered Handbag class by February, and soon I'm planning to add a class in Lace (and chart reading) and Colorwork.

I hope to see you online at NING!


I hesitate to write this because it makes me feel rather feeble, but I've been so transparent on my blog and newsletter about health issues, and this directly impacts my teaching, designing and writing.

I've been ill for several months.  That was the main reason I started working on the Online Classes last month.  I didn't see how I'd be able to travel and teach with the pain and exhaustion I was feeling.

On Christmas Eve I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I had been tested over and over, many things were crossed off the 'suspect' list, but it wasn't until I visited a Rhematologist that Fibromyalgia was decided upon.

All in all, the road to my diagnosis was much easier than many folks have.  I chalk that up, in part, to being in the exceptional Minnesota healthcare system.

In the 18-point sensitivity test I scored 14/15, so there it is.  The doctor mentioned Vitamin D and had me tested (my numbers were very low) and now that I'm on a regime of 50,000 units a week and have taken gluten out of my diet, I'm feeling MUCH better!

When I told the kids I had Fibromyalgia they misunderstood and thought I'd said, "Fiber-myalgia"  Fitting, huh?

Apparently I had been going through a 'flare up,' but the difference between how I felt in early December vs. early January has been amazing.  

I still have pain, I still get VERY tired, and I just don't feel that I can travel and teach anytime in the near future.  I'm missing TNNA right now, but I need to be more aware of my choices, and make smart ones so I don't use up what energy I have!

I have classes in June I'm planning on teaching in Ohio, and we've been apporached by a family in Northwest Ireland to swap houses with them in May, which we will proabably do (LOVE those frequent flier miles!)  

So I'm not crawling into a hole, I'm just planning on doing most of my work via the internet and traveling MUCH less.  

That trip in October to NY just about did me in!  But I will NOT allow this condtion-which-some-folks-don't-think-is-real to stop me.

It will just slow me down a bit, which may not be a bad thing. Gerry and the kids are certainly glad I'll be home more!
La Dolce Knit, Sept 2010

Aren't you read right about now for a lovely knitting holiday in the Roman countryside?  

You could be knitting al fresco in September on a wonderful holiday arranged by Tactile Travel.  All you have to do is pay, show up and relax (and knit!)

We meet at Rome Fiumicino airport for the short ride into the hills above the Eternal City. Leisurely days are filled with sightseeing, knitting, and classes.

In addition to my classes, guests will also receive a collection of yarns inspired by the Castelli Romani to use in your swatches and creations during the week. We will enjoy these fibers and skills in all kinds of settings: in local vineyards, exploring the Landiana garden, sitting at the top of the Tuscolo ampitheater or relaxing in Castel Gandolfo.

Just south of Rome, the Castelli Romani (Roman Castles) have been a favorite of the Romans and Popes. The hillsides are dotted with Papal villas dating from medieval to modern times. Views of Rome with sunsets sparkling off the sea beyond are the perfect way to end each day in the Castelli Romani.

September is a time of grape harvest and the bounty of late summer fruits and vegetables. We will enjoy classic Roman cooking and taste creative twists on the tradition.

To book this amazing vacation, go to tactiletravel.com
August in Stirling

I'll be teaching at Stirling, Scotland for Knit Camp UK Aug 9 - 13.  I'd love to see you there!  

Registration is open & the classes are filling up FAST!

On a personal note, I recently discovered that my Scots roots are deeper and broader than I ever thought (especially through the Cunninghams on my father's side)

So I'm even MORE excited to return to Scotland and visit Di Gilpin, Ysolde Teague and Louise & Trudi of Woolfish in St. Abbs again!  (...not to mention Jennie of Fyberspates, Andy of Laughing Hens - so many folks I met and fell in love with!)