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FINALLY New Classes!

Millinery REDO!

Yes, I've been Missing In Action for most of December and January, but it's because I've been working (seriously!)

I've finished a re-do of my Knitting Millinery book which I've set to coincide with my unveling of my ONLINE knitting millinery class!

And just in time for the Royal Wedding! What's a wedding without a few dozen chapeaux?


The millinery class AND a new Colorwork Class will be up and ready to roll as of March 1, stay tuned for an updated email with discount codes in the next few weeks.

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New Knitting Millinery
An updated & revised edition of my how-to-make-hats book, Kniting Millinery, will be available on March 1, 2011.

The new edition will boast clearer images and better all around production values. I'd been wanting to redo this book for years, so I took advantage of my enforced 'rest' time this winter to do it!


New Directions in Knitting with Color

(knit plaid, intarsia, stranded & slipped stitch!)

Knitting Millinery

Learn to create a lovely hat from cast on to wiring the brim!

More information on these upcoming classes in my March Newsletter, in the mean time watch this space!

Also, don't forget my FREE how-to-knit classes! They've been VERY popular with non-knitting friends and spouses of knitters.
Let your family share the joy and learn at their own speed!

Pure Joy!

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We had a rather wonderful celebration this last week as my son turned 13 and became bar mitzvah!

Thank you for all of the lovely good wishes - we had an amazing celebration, some of which I posted online at my blog.

I knit his Talit (prayer shawl) and crocheted his Kipot (yarmulke) which were recieved with so much interest that I'll be making my pattern for them available soon on my blog.

Missing In Action

It's been a few months of self reflection (heck, it's been more than a YEAR of reflection) on how long I can keep up the travel, teaching, designing, etc.

When dealing with Fibromyalgia, the "new" reality seems to be a moving target. I naively thought I had it 'licked', but that was premature and foolishly hopeful.

Just when I feel I can move around well, I'm stymied with a high fever for a few days, or all over body aches.

The one true thing I've discovered is the more I move, the better I feel.

As warmer weather is easiest, I'm limiting my teaching engagements to the Spring/Summer/Fall season (and will grab onto an ice floe for most of the Winter here in Minnesota.)

I haven't been actively seeking teaching gigs for over a year, and have turned down several that were Winter engagements, but I'd like to start getting my calendar full again for warmer weather adventures. If you know a shop near you that would like to host me, please have them contact me, or let me know!

So look for some new designs of mine in Interweave Knits, IK Crochet and with a few great yarn companies; watch for my new classes and grab the feed to my blog so when I DO post, youll be able to stay informed on any classes I'll be setting up!

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