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I Have Seen The Flip Books

... and they are divine!

I wanted to wait until I'd actually seen the final proofs of the flipbooks before I sent out this mailing, but I'm here to tell you that Flipknits are EVERYTHING I hoped they would be, and MORE!

You can pre-order your copies for $4.99 each ($4.50 flat shipping fee, no matter how many books you order) at www.flipknit.com.

For those of you who haven't experienced the magic of a flip book, think of them as the original animation!  (Right now they're popular among bored office workers who use Post-it Notes™to create tiny cartoons, film them and post them to youtube.com.)

My idea was to create a series of flip books, each of which would explain a different knitting technique for the more visual among us who have a hard time seeing what is supposed to happen between the static line drawings in books and magazines.  

The best part is that if you want to see one tiny, little, specific step - you just turn to that page and study it as long as you want!

Each book contains two different techniques - flip from front to back for one technique, then turn the book over and flip again for the second.

The first four books in the series are printing and will be ready to ship in mid April - they include:

The Knit Stitch
    • Flip from front to back to see the Combination Knit Stitch
    • Flip from back to front to see the Western Knit Stitch

The Purl Stitch
    • Flip from front to back to see the Combination Purl Stitch
    • Flip from back to front to see the Western Purl Stitch

Directional Decreases
    • Flip from front to back to see the K2tog (Right Slanting Dec)
    • Flip from back to front to see the K2tog-tbl / SSK (Left Slanting Dec)

"Grandma" Increase†
    • Flip from front to back to see the Grandma Increase
    • Flip from back to front to see the Grandma Purl Increase

†The Grandma Increase is my own little technique to create a nice increase in Stockinette Stitch fabric which doesn't show a purl bump - it's easy and very useful!

Techniques to come this summer include Casting On, Binding Off, Kitchner Stitch & other fun techniques!  Crochet stitches to come, too!

A portable knitting "video" that you can take anywhere!  
Card stock covers and heavy weight pages make it durable, full color images make it incredibly lifelike!  Order yours today!

There were a few days when I felt as though we were living in a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel, but we MADE it to Minnesota!

It's been more than a month since my last newsletter, but it hasn't been because there isn't news.  Lack of time is more the issue - but I'll take busy over bored any day.

The Journey

After a relatively mild Winter in NJ, the day we left for parts west we had our first Nor'easter of the season.  Had we the sense god gave us, we'd have stayed in a motel in New Jersey on that blizzardy Valentine's Day, but we had too much faith in the Pennsylvania roads & in our little cars, and found ourselves trapped behind one 18-wheeler after another.  We made it off the highway and into the last room at a friendly Holiday Inn by the skin of our frozen teeth.  They even let us keep our pets in the room.

The balance of the trip was relatively uneventful, actually pretty easy considering we were traveling with two cats, two kids and a standard poodle.  We each drove a car, so there was - sadly - no road knitting.  More's the pity.

The Storm

You'd think that would be enough adventure for one person, but no - I keep on a-travelin' around the country, teaching and learning and loving the knitters that I meet!

And as for that 22" of snow we just got in St. Paul?  Bring it on!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!
Annie Modesitt


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