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April in St. Paul

Hey, guess what...?  It's SNOWING!

But That Just Means More Knitting!
I'm so excited to be here in the Twin Cities for Spring - when it gets here, that is.  I'm sure I will be excited.

And, as a total coincidence, I'll be the Keynote Speaker at the Minnesota Knitting Guild's Yarnover Event in late April - life is good!

I cannot thank The Yarnery enough for their kind and loving welcome to my new Summit Hill neighborhood here in St. Paul.  I've NEVER lived this close to such an excellent yarn shop, and it's going to make me VERY spoiled.  Of course, I haven't had a chance to drop by - but April will be a different experience for me - I'll be home for most of the month!

And, continuing with the Midwest Theme that my life has taken on, I'll be a teacher at Midwest Masters in late April - is it possible that there's a knitter I've missed so far this Spring in Wisconsin...?

Overall I've kept my April/May engagements to a minimum - I'm working on a new book idea and want to dedicate some time to designing.  

Oh, and the family - I want to be here to reacquaint myself with them.  It's a bad sign when I forget how many kids I have...

See Wisconsin First

Intimately Familiar with I-90
In March I spent a LOT of time on the road in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota.  And just a bit of time in Ohio, too.  Good thing I like truckers.  Flying is quicker, but I feel so much more grounded when I drive - and I'm able to take a lot more samples and books (so much less CARRYING when I drive!)  The down side?  I lost my two special magnetic bumper stickers from my PT Cruiser when I went through a car wash - now I have to get a new K2-Tog oval.  Dang.

Two New Patterns

In The Bag
I have a new Mitered Felted Handbag pattern up for sale - and I'm REALLY excited about it!  

I finished this just before my Project Runway audition (fear not, I'm officially "out" so I won't be running wild on Bravo this year!) and this little handbag garnered more excitement than ANY other item I had with me.  

It's a universal pattern, meaning that you can use any yarn you'd like - and essentially make it ANY size you'd like.  Two sizes are included (tiny and larger) but you can make the pattern your own quite easily!

It's a Wrap?  It's a Jacket?
The second pattern is an old favorite, my Twisted Float Cocoon Shrug - but I've rewritten it to be a universal pattern (evidently the universe is expanding...) You can use ANY yarn you'd like, and by taking two totally NON-threatening measurements from your body, you can determine the perfect size for you!  

Different from the Vogue Knitting pattern seen in Fall 2005 - but the design is the same and the outcome will be beautiful!  This is the pattern I use when I teach this class around the country.

And A New Printer

Lovin' The Home Town Connection
I thought I'd give a local printer a try for my next reprint of Confessions of A Knitting Heretic and guess what?  The Minneapolis based Bookmobile Press did an amazing job at a better rate than my old printer - and I had the luxury of actually seeing a proof up close and in person.  And they're nice, too!

Any Day Now...

The flip books will be arriving from China.  I doubt if there's been a more eagerly anticipated arrival from China since Mrs.  Polo waited for Marco!

The Knit Stitch
    • Flip from front to back to see the Combination Knit Stitch
    • Flip from back to front to see the Western Knit Stitch

The Purl Stitch
    • Flip from front to back to see the Combination Purl Stitch
    • Flip from back to front to see the Western Purl Stitch

Directional Decreases
    • Flip from front to back to see the K2tog (Right Slanting Dec)
    • Flip from back to front to see the K2tog-tbl / SSK (Left Slanting Dec)

"Grandma" Increase†
    • Flip from front to back to see the Grandma Increase
    • Flip from back to front to see the Grandma Purl Increase

†The Grandma Increase is my own little technique to create a nice increase in Stockinette Stitch fabric which doesn't show a purl bump - it's easy and very useful!

Techniques to come this summer include Casting On, Binding Off, Kitchner Stitch & other fun techniques!  Crochet stitches to come, too! Order yours today!

Happy Spring from the North Star State!
Annie Modesitt



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