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I WILL have new Online Classes in July!

Here is my solemn promise: By July, as Atticus the wonder poodle is my witness, I WILL have two new online classes; Love your Lace and Twisted Circular Shrug.

The shrug for the second class is coming along beautifully, I just adore Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (so beautiful!)

LL Yarn

I'm getting a butt-load of signups for my free online how-to-knit class which is quite gratifying. At least during this period when I don't feel quite 100% for regular teaching I know that I'm reaching a lot of new knitters (and older knitters who want to brush up on new skills!

Learn To Knit

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To sign up for the class you have to add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the button above.  You'll go through the same checkout procedure as for my other classes.  Fear not, though, the knit class is really free!  

Having said that, my Combination Knitting class really IS remarkably helpful to get folks up to the next level of knitting (Knitting has levels? EVERYTHING has levels...)

Learning a new way to knit allows you to investigate the architecture and grammar of your OWN knitting, to examine it from the inside out, and walk away with a more intuitive and JOYFUL sense of your stitches. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

But don't take MY word for it, read what folks who have recently completed the online class have to say!

The hard sell portion of my newsletter is now complete. But if you want to take any of my classes at a 20% discount, you can use the code "Newsletter" until the end of May for a cool 20% off of anything you'd choose to buy!

Healthy Is as Healthy Does

Well, I'll give you another health update just because I know you're all on pins and needles to hear how I am...

The family went to Mount Rushmore (longtime dream of Gerry's, don't ask...) and it snowed. We DID see the prez's during the melt off, so it looked like they were crying...

Then we came home and I came down with Bronchitis. And so did Max. And so did Gerry. And now Hannah has it. So that's how I am. [cough, cough.]

Dolce Knit, Sept 2010

Aren't you read right about now for a lovely knitting holiday in the Roman countryside? You could be knitting al fresco in September on a wonderful holiday arranged by Tactile Travel.  To book this amazing vacation, visit tactiletravel.com

Dublin in May (NOT Dublin Ohio...)

I've been asked by This Is Knit to teach a class while [whilst] I'm in Dublin. I was thrilled to say "YES!" I'll be offering a shorter 2-hour version of my Combination Knitting Class, then following that up with a short talk and book signing at 3:30.

Combination Knitting, Sunday May 3 at 1pm
Booksigning & Talk, Sunday May 3 at 3:30 pm

Contact This Is Knit to register, space is limited!

Columbus in June (and Jenis!)

It's DEFINITE! I'll be teaching in Columbus, OH in June for 2 days and I hope to see my Ohio Valley Friends there! I'm an Ohio native - I love to return to the scene of my youth.

The BEST part? I'm teaching along with several of my best knit-teaching buddies, folks I really admire and with who I am proud to be associated!

My Classes
Hint: There's a code somewhere in this NEWSLETTER you can use for a discount on MY classes, only when you register on MY site.
June 10 - Combo Knitting - 7pm - 10pm
June 11 - Tips & Tricks - 11am - 2pm
June 11 - Lace Boot Camp- 7pm - 10pm

Stitch Coop Classes
You'll find even MORE classes here from teachers such as Shannon Okey, Robyn Chachula and Miriam Felton. These are some great classes from some amazing women!

August in Stirling, Scotland

My classes continue to sell out! Yay!

I could teach WW a few things about knitting

I'll be teaching at Stirling, Scotland for Knit Camp UK Aug 9 - 13.  I'm SO excited to be returning to Scotland, especially now that I've learned how much  Scots blood runs through my veins!

Registration is open & the classes are filling up FAST! You might want to act sooner rather than later to avoid getting locked out of a class.

Quick Tip!

You'll know what direction a decrease will slant by the direction of the working needle! It points rightward for a k2tog, leftward for a SSK.

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