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Give me a Firm Handshake, I'm Scots-Irish!

That's the bumper sticker I'd like to have on my car.

In all honesty, I hadn't thought of myself as Irish (my family sort of passed through from Scotland to Virginia, dwelling there from 1529-1729) so I was unprepared for how affected I would be by Ireland.

Max & The Liffey
Max & The Liffey

However, I fell very deeply in love with the country, with the folks we met, and - as a kind woman at the Ulster Irish American Folk Park told me when I questioned my right to call myself Irish - "Oh, of course you're Irish, it's the same thing...!"

So tis official, I'm Irish. Kiss me. (Okay, that's enough.)

And will you be giving the family some love, too? Here is a link to my online album of all of our trip photos. Gorgeous, huh?

Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge
Gerry & Hannah at the Rope Bridge

Those of you who read my blog know that in our first days in Dublin we were robbed, lost our wallet, credit cards, my movie camera and cell phone (but not our passports - yay!)

But once that grief was over we had the MOST amazing three weeks we could have had. Home sharing is DEFINITELY a wonderful way to travel.

I'd like to give a BIG thank you to everyone who helped our family out whilst we were stranded in Dublin - words seem too small, please know that your actions were huge in our thoughts and we are very grateful. I think I've written to each of you, but if I've missed anyone, I apologize!

Gifts from Bushmills
No Gluten in Whiskey...

I WILL have new Online Classes in July!

The two classes that are set to begin in July are selling out (a few spaces are left in each) so if you're interested, you'd probably better sign up sooner rather than later. The new classes are Love your Lace and Twisted Circular Shrug, and I'm putting the finishing touches on them up even as I write this!

You might wonder if an online class can be as satisfying as 3 fabulous hours with me in a conference room... It is.

But don't take MY word for it, read what folks who have recently completed the online class have to say!

I'm extending the "newsletter" discount. If you want to take any of my classes at a 20% discount, you can use the code "Newsletter" until the end of June for a cool 20% off.

Columbus in June (and Jenis!)

It's DEFINITE! I'll be teaching in Columbus, OH in June for 2 days and I hope to see my Ohio Valley Friends there! I'm an Ohio native - I love to return to the scene of my youth.

The BEST part? I'm teaching along with several of my best knit-teaching buddies, folks I really admire and with who I am proud to be associated!

My Classes
Hint: There's a code somewhere in this NEWSLETTER you can use for a discount on MY classes, only when you register on MY site.
June 10 - Combo Knitting - 7pm - 10pm
June 11 - Tips & Tricks - 11am - 2pm
June 11 - Lace Boot Camp- 7pm - 10pm

Stitch Coop Classes
You'll find even MORE classes here from teachers such as Shannon Okey, Robyn Chachula and Miriam Felton. These are some great classes from some amazing women!

August in Stirling, Scotland

DAMN I look good in a kilt...

I'll be teaching at Stirling, Scotland for Knit Camp UK Aug 9 - 13.  I'm SO excited to be returning to Scotland and I'm counting on the historic atmosphere to stand in as backdrop for photography. If all goes as plans, I'll FINALLY be taking pictures of the History On Two Needles pieces. Cross your fingers!

Registration is open & the classes are filling up FAST! You might want to act sooner rather than later to avoid getting locked out of a class.

Dolce Knit, Sept 2010

Aren't you read right about now for a lovely knitting holiday in the Roman countryside? You could be knitting al fresco in September on a wonderful holiday arranged by Tactile Travel.  To book this amazing vacation, visit tactiletravel.com

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