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The Longest Day!
June 21st

Which - being up here just south of the Arctic Circle - will last for about 37 hours...

Loving Minnesota in the Summer
Even without my bike...

Minnesotans get outside - gardening, walking, biking, lots of sports - I see just about everyone out somewhere doing something.  I love this!  The window of warm weather is smaller than in other parts of the country, but it's so well enjoyed, and well loved, that I think the summers are enjoyed more here than anywhere else I've lived.

This has been on my mind a lot lately - shortness of summers, things ending sooner than anticipated, getting the most out of the time that's here.  It's probably because I tend to see analogies in just about everything that happens to me, but this beautiful, sunny, rainy, cool, hot Minnesota summer is giving me great comfort.

As many of you may already know, my husband, Gerry, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (a blood cancer) soon after we moved to MN this past February.  It was very odd to be in a new place, with no extended family and few friends, while dealing with such a serious illness.  But our family has been welcomed by the people of St. Paul, Minneapolis and Minnesota in general with open arms - we feel much less alone than we did a few months ago.

Because of this I'm curtailing a bit of my teaching this year, I'm not taking on many new teaching engagements and I'm trying to work at home as much as possible.  The prognosis for Gerry's disease is not good - after the bone marrow transplant at the Mayo clinic this August the doctors foresee another 1-3 years (which, we keep reminding ourselves, is NOT an expiration date!)   Apparently it's a rather aggressive form, but we're tempering our realism with lots of hope!

For this reason I'd like to have as much time home with the family as possible.  I'll probably be writing and designing more, teaching a little less, but still hitting the larger knitting venues and making regional trips as I'm able.

Most of my teaching this summer is taking place in the midwest - Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  But as Summer turns to Fall I'm traveling farther than ever for classes (France, Vancouver, Texas, New Hampshire & many parts in between!)

I have my calendar below with classes listed for this summer, but I'm VERY excited to be teaching at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Festival in Crystal Lake, Illinois this July.  It's the first time for this festival, and the class lineup looks amazing.

Crochet a Shell Necklace
(easier than you'd think, very beautiful to wear!)

Crochet Leaves
(moving from single crochet to a wider world of charts!)

Deceptively Simple Shawl
(looks amazing, simple to do!)

I'm not teaching knitting this time - I'm teaching crochet!  I've heard that many of the classes are filling quickly, so you'll want to check it out soon!

No Suit Yet

I'd intended to have a bathing suit pattern out for all of you this June, but - alas - the circumstances here at home have kept me from getting as much done as I'd like.  Dang.  With any luck I'll get it out by the end of July, but I'm not promising anything.  I've learned my lesson about promises!

Red Carpet, Baby!
Be a Diva, or just knit like one!

For those who are interested, I've made the pattern for the Red Carpet Convertible Dress (the dress worn to the Emmy's last year) available online for a donation to Gerry's Multiple Myeloma Expenses Fund.

It can be knit in several lengths - corset length, mini dress, tea length or evening gown (basically it's a top down piece so you knit it as long as you want!)

You can read my blog for updates on Gerry & our life with MM.  You can also check out our MM fund page for more information on the Red Carpet Convertible Dress.

Annie Modesitt

Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair
(I'll be teaching Crochet!)

Crochet Shell Necklace
Crochet Necklace

Deceptively Simple Shawl
Deceptively Simple Shawl

Well Suited - just not yet...

bathing suit
... pattern available in June '07
Maybe July...  Stay tuned!

Red Carpet as Gown & Corset

With the top down, and up!
Red Carpet Convertible Long Corset Length
Summer & Beyond...
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
17 18 19 20 21 22
Duluth Knitting Guild
(details TBD)

Knitting Lecture & Trunk Show
7:00 pm
Yarn Harbor

103 Mt Royal Shopping Circle
Duluth, MN 

HEEL! Learn Toe Up Socks with Mutt-Luks!
9:00 AM

Combination Knitting
1:00 PM
Come & take a crochet class with me at the
Midwest Fiber & Folk Fair on July 20 & 21!

Midwest Fiber & Folk Fest
401 Country Club Rd
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


I'll be teaching -

Falling Into Crochet - Leaves from Charts
7/20/2007 1:30 PM

Crocheting with Wire
7/21/2007 9:00 AM

Deceptively Simple Shawl - Crochet
7/21/2007 1:30 PM



Feather Your Nest
138 Front St N
Sarnia, ON N7T 5S3
(888) 635-9898

Tips & Tricks Lecture/A“nice visit”
8/1/2007 7:00 PM
Feather Your Nest
Combination Knitting
8/2/2007 9:30 AM

Love your Lace!
8/2/2007 1:30 PM
ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio
319 S. Waverly Rd
Lansing, MI  
(517) 703-9276

Combination Knitting
8/3/2007 7:00 PM
ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio

Cable Mania (Look Mom, No Needle!)
8/4/2007 9:00 AM

New Directions in Knitting With Color
8/4/2007 1:00 PM
ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio

8/5/2007 9:00 AM

Sept 3 - 8
Provence, France
French Girl Knits Retreat, Week 1
9 - 14
Provence, France
French Girl Knits Retreat, Week 2


18 19 20 21

Camellia City Stockin’ettes

9:00 AM

Knitting With Beads
1:00 PM

Camellia City Stockin’ettes

Cable Mania (Look Mom, No Needle!)
9:00 AM

Love your Lace!
1:00 PM

1021 R St
Sacramento, CA

Love your Lace!
1:00 PM

5:00 PM



Knitting Workshop
117 S Main St
Sebastopol, CA 

Combo Knit
2:00 PM
Knitting Workshop

Embellishments & Buttonholes
9:00 AM

Knit w/ Beads
2:00 PM

Don't forget Provence!

September 3 - 8
Provence, France
French Girl Knits Retreat


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