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HoTN Keeps Rolling Along!

I returned from TNNA infused with a new energy for History On Two Needles! Folks were anxious to see it, eager for any word on when I'd have it out, so I'm working double time to get the pieces finished so I can photograph them.

My most recent piece is the Gripsholm Jacket, based on a painting believed to be of Queen Elizabeth.

Gripsholm jacket
Fit as a Viola de Gamba!


gripsholm inspiration

I've made significant changes in the original garment pictured, but I think I've retained the general feeling.

If you're interested in my work on the book thus far, you can see progress shots at my Ravelry page.

Discounts For New Classes!

Yes, it's Summer & it's hot, and you don't want to knit... Well, would a 25% discount on ALL of my July online classes help? 

If you want to sign up for ANY of my online classes you'll get 25% off when you use the code "july" at checkout.

Nothing says, "Yaaaay!" like a nice, juicy discount!  It's almost as enticing as the sound of the Good Humor truck!

Visit http://www.onlineknittingclasses.com and use the code "july" for this amazing discount.  And I'll see you in July at the start of class!

NOTE: I won't be holding classes in August or September, so this will be your last chance to take these classes (except the self guided, that's available at any time) until OCTOBER.

August in Stirling, Scotland

DAMN I look good in a kilt...

I'll be teaching at Stirling, Scotland for Knit Camp UK Aug 9 - 13.  I'm SO excited to be returning to Scotland, anxious to see friends I made last year and looking for a place to rent a bike!

Dolce Knit, Sept 2010

Aren't you read right about now for a lovely knitting holiday in the Roman countryside? You could be knitting al fresco in September on a wonderful holiday arranged by Tactile Travel.  To book this amazing vacation, visit tactiletravel.com

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