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August 2009 Newsletter

Annie Modesitt
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Scotland & England in Aug / Sept

Rhinebeck, NY & other points in Oct

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 Black Prince

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Black Prince Hood

History Today!
The first pattern from History on Two Needles is available for sale!

I wanted to start with something VERY special, but rather small, so this hood based on the funeral effigy of the Black Prince seemed perfect.  

It's a great unisex pattern, it can be fun for folks who like to dress in period reenactment garb, or folks who don't know a broadsword from a dagger.

Everyone looks good in this - or if they don't look good, they look imposing enough that no one will tell them otherwise!  See how good Gerry looks?  I'm going to make him wear this all over England...

Readers of my newsletter get a 25% discount when you order.  Use the code "newsletter" and you'll be all set!

Across The Pond
On August 26 Gerry and I will fly to the UK for teaching engagements all over Scotland, (almost) Wales and England, ending at iKnit in London.  

Gerry's never been out of the country, except for Canada which is so friendly it's more like camping in the front yard than international travel.
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1000 Fabulous Knit (& Crochet!) Hats is a huge project.

Here's the deal - and it's a life lesson for me, let me tell you - I was asked by a friend who'd taken on this cool project if I'd wrangle it, as her own plate had become painfully full of a big heap o' previous commitments (part of your delicious breakfast!)

I love hats, love knitting, love crochet and I love to organize stuff (being a Virgo and all..) - and I especially love to feel like a white knight - so I said, "YES!"

And that was the last day my soul was at peace.

Seriously, though, the original deadlines for the book were insane - June had been mentioned between bouts of wheezing laughter - so we lengthened it to July 1.

It soon became apparent that more time would be needed, so I squeezed July 15 out of the publisher.  Then I knew I'd need MORE time so I glomed another month.  

"I'll SURELY have enough hats in August!"
I assured myself - forgetting the entire WORLD goes on vacation in August. (click to continue)

Firming October
I've set up a lovely Google calendar of all my teaching dates which you can access by clicking here.

(Note: You can change the view to Agenda for a list of my classes, I think it's a bit easier to read than the calendar grid.)

After a several years break, I'm returning to Rhinebeck for a BUNCH of unique classes I'm not offering anywhere else this October.

I'll also be teaching at several yarn shops and guilds in the area, it should be wonderful to be back on my old 'turf' again!

I'll be at Knitter's Knitche, the Fairfield CT Machine Knitters Guild, Rhinebeck, Saratoga Needle Arts and Webs.  

Many of these venues won't hold a class if it's not selling, so sign up sooner rather than later to save your space and make sure the class runs!

Annie Modesitt

Annie's Teaching Calendar

UK, cont'd
I would very much like to meet anyone in the UK who's a fan and would like to meet me!  Gerry's looking for some Multiple Myeloma support groups to visit.

Oh, and we're driving - be afraid, people of the UK...

At least we've had the sense to rent an automatic - I'm not sure if I could shift with my left hand...


I think what I should have done out the outset was just said, 'Look, folks I need a few months to get this together'

Spooling out a week or two at a time is just irritating, and not productive.  But I didn't have the nerve - it's entirely my misstep. That is the life lesson.  When in doubt, screw your courage to it's sticking place, and do what you know is right.

Moving On
So now I'm about 150 hats short.  The 850 I have are extraordinary, the very few that have come in which aren't good are entirely due to low photo resolution, but the hats themselves are stellar!

I'm in heaven looking at these hats, and I've become convinced this is going to be one of those books that everyone references for years - "I want to make a hat - you know - like that pink one on page 256 of 1,000 hats..."

It's pure fun, except for the bone-chilling fear that I won't get 1,000 hats.

So folks, here's the deal.  If you have a nice, high resolution photo of a hat you've knit, I'd like to have it.

Ditto crochet.

If you have a nice, high resolution photo of a hat you've designed, you could win one of the 3 money prizes ($500, $300 or $200) or win one of the 7 runner-up places and 4 copies of the book.

Either way, I NEED your hats!

The submission process is that you fill out a grant of rights form, a typed signature is just fine, and provide a list of the hats you're submitting.  These two forms are called the GOR and ISL.

You'll go to the website, http://www.box.net and login with the username "knit" and password "hats"  Then create a folder and name it like this:  yourlastname_firstinitial (in my case, modesitt_a) and into that folder upload your images, the GOR and the ISL.

If you have any questions about the process, please do email me and I'll be MORE than happy to walk you through it.  And I GREATLY appreciate your help with this!

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