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Easing Off A Bit
Priorities, priorities...

Can Annie Get Her Groove Back?
2007/2008 is a kind of hiatus for me, with starts and stops all over the place. The watchword seems to be "adapt" - which it has been for quite a while.  I can't change the world, or life, or circumstances to suit me, so I'll have to adapt to them.  Cha cha cha!

Finally New Patterns are UP!
I've slowly been compiling new designs and patterns, and finally they're up for sale at my website.  I've also added a new look to the page so you can see thumbnails of the designs at a glance.

Market With Hope
A new book, and it has ONE pattern..
I'll also be devoting a good amount of time to promoting and marketing my new book, Knit with Courage, Live with Hope.  It will be available in early September, the official pub date is mid October to co-incide with Multiple Myeloma Awareness Week.  I've included the pattern for the Red Carpet Convertible in the book - I'm unleashing it to the greater non-knitting public (and I may scare them silly with it...)
Happy Birthday!

1 year since Gerry's stem cell transplant
It's funny, if you would have asked me last Spring to project the next year, I would have imagined that I'd be cutting back on my teaching in 2007, but would have picked up and would be back up to speed by Fall 2008.  I would have been wrong.

This is what I wrote this time last year:

I haven't been doing much lately besides worrying, teaching and trying to keep the family on an even keel.  No new books on the horizon, no new patterns coming out - I'm thinking of it as a temporary, partial hiatus until life is back into a manageable state.

Because of Gerry's illness I had cut down on my schedule and had not taken on many engagements.  I probably won't take on many new ones, either, so if you would like to take a class with me in the next year or so, the best bet is to see what I'm currently offering and get into a class before they fill up.  Some fill quickly, some never fill at all (I'm still trying to figure that out...)

Gerry's recovery is amazing.  He's doing so well, his body is doing everything that we could ask - and more!  But he still has so much pain, sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who can see how much it affects him.  

Gerry ignores the discomfort, and the kids are - well - kids, they aren't supposed to notice the tiny clues that Dad's almost unable to function due to pain.

So that leaves me to be the bad guy - the person who says, "No, that's enough, we can't do any more right now..."  And in my case, right now, that means cutting back on my teaching.

Aside from Gerry, I also have another dear, close relative who seems to be entering the final stage of her battle with breast cancer.  

Another reason to cut back on my travel and teaching.  

Or, as my mother would say, "This is why we save money."
Annie Modesitt
Knit with Courage, Live with Hope
10,000 Lakes – One Diagnosis

Knit with Courage, Live with Hope

Knit with Courage, Live with Hope

No one expects to be told they have a terminal cancer at age 48, especially not the month they’ve moved their family half way across the country from New Jersey to St. Paul. 

As Gerry Landy’s back pain worsened, the phrase “Multiple Myeloma” crept into his family’s consciousness, threading through every part of their new Minnesota existence. 

This memoir of a one family’s year draws the separate strands of their struggles, victories, and small joys together into a compelling and encouraging narrative.  

We can’t choose the disease, but we CAN choose hope.

Gerry, post transplant, September 2007

Gerry & Atticus resting on vacation in August, 2008
Annie Modesitt Fall 2008 Engagements
When? Where? How to Register? Classes Offered?
September TKGA
Knit & Crochet Show, Portland Convention Center
Portland, OR
On site, or visit the TKGA website  September 13 - 14

Combination Knitting
9/13/2008 9:00 AM

Still Room
9/13/2008 2:00 PM

Love your Lace!
Almost Full!
9/14/2008 9:00 AM

Cable Mania
Few Spots Left
(Look Mom, No Needle!)
9/14/2008 2:00 AM

Unraveled Fine Yarns
1703 Broadway Street
Vancouver, WA 98663
Email Lisa or call 360-993-5835 to make reservations September 15

Increases & Decreases
9/15/2008 1:00 PM

Knit with Courage Lecture
9/15/2008 7:00 PM
October Memphis Knitting Guild, Memphis TN Weekend of Oct 9-12
Exact Dates TBD
Lakeside Lace & Cable Knitting 

$280 for the weekend, which includes 9 full hours of knitting lessons (by me!) and double occupancy accommodation (you'll share a room) and continental breakfasts.
Email Barb or call 952-473-0669 or 952-994-5754 to make reservations at the MEDAYTO ROSE COTTAGE in Spicer, MN on Green Lake
October 17 - 19

Cable Tips - Friday Evening
Combination Knitting - Sat Morning
The Gigi Lace Scarf Sat Afternoon
Tips & Tricks - Sun Morning
Class Size is Very Limited!
Boston Area Classes I'm still arranging locations in the Boston area.
Email me if you know of a shop or venue that would like to have me anytime this week.
Oct 31 - Nov 6

Slater Mill
67 Roosevelt Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Email Chandler, or call 401-725-8638 ext. 107 Nov 7 - 9

Booksigning (& Talk with Norah Gaughan)
11/7/2008 7:00 PM

Combination Knitting
11/8/2008 9:00 AM

Combination Knitting
11/8/2008 1:00 PM

Love your Lace!
11/9/2008 9:00 AM

Minnesota Modular Knitting

$280 for the weekend, which includes 9 full hours of knitting lessons (by me!) and double occupancy accommodation (you'll share a room) and continental breakfasts.
Email Barb or call 952-473-0669 or 952-994-5754 to make reservations at the MEDAYTO ROSE COTTAGE in Spicer, MN on Green Lake
Nov 14 - 16

Universal Mitered Bag
Create a swatch - Friday Evening
Move from swatch to bag - Sat Morning
Continue with bag - Sat Afternoon
Bag finishing techniques
& felting tips - Sun Morning

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