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Even More Beautiful

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Arriving in Rome, I Was a Bit of a Ruin...

I needed Italy.

I needed it in ways I didn't even know I did. Coming on the heels of a very emotionally and physically wearying trip to Scotland, I had mixed feelings as I climbed onto the plane just a week after arriving home to Minnesota.

Mixed feelings is a nice way of saying that the attendant had to pry my fingers off of the door as she was closing it.

But it was one of the best trips I could have taken. The food was exceptional (of course!) the beauty was breathtaking (as you can see above) but most of all, the company was absolutely exceptional.

I feel most fortunate that not only was I allowed to be part of this Tactile Travel Tour, but that the folks who were on the trip were all SO interesting, kind, funny - just exactly the sort of folks you'd want to travel with!

I taught a grand total of 9 hours of classes, the students were all so gifted that I was able to hydroplane directly into high-grade knitting (we did entrelac our first day.)

Most of all, though, I needed the alone time I was able to grab while in Rome. You can read more about my time in Italy at my blog, www.modeknit.com

I rented a bike, I rode all over the city (well, 14 miles) and then I returned later with a guest from the tour and WE rode around together for 2 days, 9 miles each day, seeing more of Rome than I would imagine most folks get to see in a week!

And I healed just a little bit. Thank you, Italy!

Bike Roma
My Namaste Bag Travels VERY well!

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Every person who registers for one of my paid October classes can pick any one of my self-published books and I'll send it to you gratis! All you'll have to pay is the shipping
($5 US/$10 International)

Choose From
Confessions of a Knitting Heretic
Knitting Millinery
Knit With Courage, Live With Hope
Cheaper Than Therapy
Flip Knits (set of 4 books)

Why am I doing this?

I have to go back to press on two books in the next week, printing costs have risen significantly, and I need to move some of the stock I have. ...and I like you.

All online classes are NOW offered either as a Guided class with 2 live text chats per week,
or as a Self-Guided Option with no chats
(and a $10 savings)

I can guarantee that you'll learn
quite a bit from any of my online classes!
Read what other happy students have to say...

Annie Face
More of my Scotland & Italy pix are up at Flickr

History Marches On

I'm a foot draggin' author these days.

I'm slow as molasses in January, and no one can speed me up but ME.

My designs are done, most are knit, yarn is in for the final garments and I have a tech editor in place.

But yet I am moving slowly.

I think it may be the amount of travel I've done lately, so I've set aside several months this Fall with no traveling - just time to design, write and FINISH HISTORY ON TWO NEEDLES.

And I will. I promise. I just thought I should let you know it's still on a burner, even if it hasn't been one of the front ones.

While you wait, why not contemplate
the lovely fields of Northern England
from a train window?

©2010 Annie Modesitt   St. Paul, MN  55105

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