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Annie Face In This Issue
Home to Work

Traveling definitely takes it's toll on me, Gerry, the kids and our family life in general.  The sweetness is that when I'm home for a bit, after the newness of mom being here when the kids wake up has worn off, we're such a happy family group.

We sat laughing at dinner the other night and Max turned to me and said, "I love our family!"  That's nice to hear from an 11 year old, we have some great kids.

I can earn my mortgage by teaching, but I need the design and writing time to fill my soul.  Over and over again I try designing or writing on the road, but I end up ripping out or deleting most of what I create.

Perhaps it's my Virgo-ness?  I have a hard time really hunkering down and working when I'm not in my own space.

Several times since we moved to MN Gerry and I have made false starts toward setting me up in my own office.  First he and the kids took over our "office" for their own nefarious purposes.  

I kicked them out, installed Max in the room so he could have a kid-friendly room size, and took his tiny bedroom over as an office.  That lasted about a day before Gerry moved back in.

I'm putting my foot down, though.  There are many reasons for my slow movement on my current book and projects, but working out of my chair is probably a serious consideration.  I like sitting in my chair and knitting, but I NEED a separate space to take what I do more seriously (and to convice the family to take it more seriously, too!)  

So it's taken me several years to come to fully respect the trusim: You can't work at home if there's no place to work!

La Dolce Knit, Sept 2010

Few things sound as amazing as knitting in the Roman countryside, arranged by Tactile Travel.

We meet at Rome Fiumicino airport for the short ride into the hills above the Eternal City. Leisurely days are filled with sightseeing, knitting, and classes.

In addition to my classes, guests will also receive a collection of yarns inspired by the Castelli Romani to use in your swatches and creations during the week. We will enjoy these fibers and skills in all kinds of settings: in local vineyards, exploring the Landiana garden, sitting at the top of the Tuscolo ampitheater or relaxing in Castel Gandolfo.

Just south of Rome, the Castelli Romani (Roman Castles) have been a favorite of the Romans and Popes. The hillsides are dotted with Papal villas dating from medieval to modern times. Views of Rome with sunsets sparkling off the sea beyond are the perfect way to end each day in the Castelli Romani.

September is a time of grape harvest and the bounty of late summer fruits and vegetables. We will enjoy classic Roman cooking and taste creative twists on the tradition.

For more information, or to book this amazing vacation, go to www.tactiletravel.com

TNNA in January
The National Needlework Association holds a trade show for yarn shop owners, yarn companies, and others in the business several times a year.  This January 2009 the show is once again in Long Beach, CA.  I'll be traveling out to see friends, strengthen connections and generally have a good time!

I'm setting up teaching gigs both in the LA area, and en route from Minnesota to LA, stay tuned to my teaching calendar for any updates or new engagements.  I'll add them as they become firm!
2010 Classes

I'm currently setting up 2010 dates (and beyond!) and I've set up a lovely Google calendar of all my teaching dates which you can access by clicking here. 

(Note: You can change the view to Agenda for a list of my classes, I think it's a bit easier to read than the calendar grid.)

I'm currently setting up new engagements in 2010 with the help of a new "travel" assistant for teaching gigs.  Say "Hi!" to Kathleen, everyone!  

If you have a shop or a guild, or want me to teach at your group, you can either contact me at annie@modeknit.com, or Kathleen at kathleen@modeknit.com.

Home Sweet Home Office

History Today!

Black Prince Hood

The first pattern from HoTN (History on Two Needles) is available for sale!

This great unisex pattern, it can be fun for folks who like to dress in period reenactment garb, or folks who don't know a broadsword from a dagger.

Readers of my newsletter get a 25% discount when you order.  Use the code "newsletter" and you'll be all set!

Add to Cart
Black Prince Hood

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of our adventures!

Next Year in Stirling

I'll be teaching at Stirling for Knit Camp UK Aug 9 - 13.  I'd love to set up some more classes, and I'd be happy to hear from any groups, guilds or shops that might want to have me teach! 

Annie's Teaching Calendar
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