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Classes are Brewing!

When I think of the past few months - wow, what a full and rich period!

There have been highs and lows, but overall I feel even more justified in my decision to turn down Winter teaching engagements this year so I'm not in a position where my fibro would supersede a gig.

I tossed myself an additional challenge when I decided to move my classes from the Ning network to my own self-hosted classroom.


So far it's going well, I've been inviting folks into the classes in batches so I can try them out, and the kinks have been less drastic than I'd feared.

Worst kink - after inviting my ning network folks over so many signed in at one time that my system went down. That's the first time that's happened to me, and if that happens after sending out this email I as you to be patient. It's not like 400 people at one time will be trying to get into my classes on a regular basis!



My new classroom is ready for your perusal!


So here it is unveiled - my new Annie Modesitt Online Classes! Not as many bells and whistles as the Ning classroom, but the same great teaching experience!

For anyone who's read this far, you can get a 15% discount on any of my classes by uisng the code, "crash"

(Of course, folks who have already taken a class are always eligible for my 25% off ppfrs discount! Email me for details if this applies to you and you've forgotten the details!)

History Marches On

So here's the latest piece I'm working up for History on Two Needles. It will be a lightly felted (fulled?) shrug jacket

I'm REALLY excited about this piece, it's been a bit of a feat of short row engineering! I'm trying to make it simple AND fun to knit.

Notice I said S I M P L E – not Easy!



You can see all of my HoTN pieces as I work through them at my flicker set.

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