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Cooking in November
A busy month after a slightly quite one...

Awesome Boston

I arrived in Boston last Wednesday night, smack on the heels of the election on Tuesday, and didn't stop laughing or smiling until I flew home.  

I just love the East Coast, I love Boston, I love all of New England.  I love the ocean, the lobsters and the very nice beer (be-ah!)

Oh - and the knitting!  The calibur of the knitters in my classes was amazing - they were all so engaged and SO hard working, they made me very proud!  It's the best thing a teacher can see - a hard working class.

We laughed a LOT, I got to spend some glorious time with my friend Norah Gaughan, I got to meet folks I'd only emailed or heard on a podcast (hey Guido!) and I got to have unlimited cups of Yorkshire Gold Earl Grey and Dunkin Donuts (something that's not so easy to find here in the great frozen midwest...)

How do you solve a problem like Hannah?
Hannah Wimple

I'd work in Amy's Office any day!
Amy's Vintage Office
Beer helps you knit faster.
Yarn Beer

Knitting Currents

After showing off a wimple type of garment for a few months, I've finally written up the pattern and it's now up for sale on my website.  It's adorable, but even better, it's WARM!  I've been wearing it around, when I put a dark scarf over it I look like I'm ready for a bus and truck of The Sound Of Music.  What more can one ask of a pattern?

I knit my sample up using Buffboo, a magnificent 75% Bamboo/25% Bison laceweight yarn from Buffalo Gold that has the most amazing natural lustre.  It knits much nicer than any other laceweight I've used, just stunning.

Most of my knitting time in Rhode Island was spent working on a new Lornas Laces sweater for Yarn Forward Magazine (a British publication.)  The yarn is Swirl Chunky in Amy's Vintage Office colorway, and it's one of the most glorious yarns I've knit with in a long time!  Thank you, Beth, for coming up with such a dream yarn!

I also just finished a sort of poncho / wrap / skirt / beach coverup thing for Interweave Knits using Blue Moon's Lucious in color Spinel.

I've just opened a bag of yarn from Brown Sheep, also for an Interweave Piece.  This will be a plaid jacket (summer weight) and I'm as curious as anyone else as to how the whole pattern will come together.  

Stay tuned... (the jacket is due in December, so I'll definitely know by then!

Stocking Flippers
Don't forget, Flipknits make a TREMENDOUS stocking stuffer!  Give them to the right person and you might even get a pair o socks back...

Slater Thrill
After my Boston classes I headed down to Pawtucket, RI to teach at Slater Mill.  It's hard to express how quickly this lovely, compact historic site insinuated inself into my heart.

It's a lovely place, the buildings are simple and well maintained, but best of all was the stunning mill pond and river, the spashing falls, and the inviting benches in the sun.  I met many magnificent knitters - and a few locals with whom I shared some of those benches.

I showed up each day at least an hour before my class so I could sit and knit and watch the water flow over the falls.  That was time well spent!

But I never saw the Slater Ghost.  Dang.  I really wanted to...
slater mill postcard

My suitcase did fall off of a chair during one class, but I think that was a balance problem. Beer did not enter into it, I don't care what Norah says.

My classes were taught in room behind the top row of 3 windows, below the row of 2 windows.  Very cool.

My Own Cruise Adventure!

I've been told that even with the fearful economy, the Caribbean Cruise is drawing a lot of interest.  Perhaps folks are looking for a nice reward for a winter of scrimping?

I'll be co-teaching with Drew Emborsky (the Crochet Dude) on a Craft Cruise with a strong focus on crochet (but lots of knitting, too!)

When you book your cruise, please be sure to mention you're interested in the cruise with Annie Modesitt!   The first 15 who sign up and mention my name will receive a set of all of my books, signed!

Annie Modesitt
Caribbean Craft Cruise
April 5-12 2009

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Nov Minnesota Modular Knitting

$280 for the weekend, which includes 9 full hours of knitting lessons (by me!) and double occupancy accommodation (you'll share a room) and continental breakfasts.
Email Barb or call 952-473-0669 or 952-994-5754 to make reservations at the MEDAYTO ROSE COTTAGE in Spicer, MN on Green Lake
Friday - Sunday, Nov 14 - 16

Universal Mitered Bag
Create a swatch - Friday Evening
Move from swatch to bag - Sat Morning
Continue with bag - Sat Afternoon
Bag finishing techniques
& felting tips - Sun Morning
January The Grove
3010 Juniper Street
San Diego, CA 92104

(619) 284-7684 Weekend of Jan 16th

Love your Lace!
Time and Date to be determined
April Craft Cruises
Caribbean Crochet
(& Knit!) Cruise

Prices start at $949 for a full week of sailing and classes!
Contact Craft Cruises

Mention "Annie Modesitt" (reference code: Annie M) when requesting information!
April 5 - 12
Specific Classes to be determined.

I'll be teaching both knit and crochet classes.  
The first 15 to sign up and mention my name will receive my full set of 7 books, autographed!

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