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Changes in the Classes

I don't have much new this month to tout - so instead of wasting your time I'll just get it right out -

For the next few months all classes offered on my site will be SELF GUIDED classes.

For the last few months I've been spending much more time individually with folks in one-on-one chats, and as a result the scheduled chat times have been a bit empty.

So all classes will be offered at the Self Guided rate ONLY, but I'll be around and available for email questions.

I'll be happy to set up a chat with anyone in any class to discuss points that may be confusing, but I won't be holding the scheduled chats. Essentially you'd be getting the benefit of the Guided class, but at the Self Guided price!


20% Discount On All Classes for December

Additionally, I'll be offering a 20% discount on all my December classes.

Sign up for any class, use the code word "december" and you'll get a cool, cool (cold if you're in Minnesota) 20% off.


My new classroom is ready for your perusal!


Happy Chicken Hat!

No matter what holiday you celebrate in mid-winter, you could probably use a hat, right?

So here's my gift to you - a CHICKEN hat!

Click on the link to download a 2pg pdf file so you can make up this groovy hat in time for the holidays!

(I worked this up after visiting a flock in Shropshire, England last year. Inspired by my friend Andy's "Rooster" yarn, this is a fun pattern to work up - just goofy enough to be fun, but more toned-down than a cheese-head or turkey-mascot costume.)



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