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April 9 - 19
Join Stich Diva Jennifer Hanson & Knitting Heretic Annie Modesitt
for a fun filled 10-day cruise through the Caribbean aboard the
Sun Princess!

Hey folks, I'm not too proud to let all of you know that the signups for the cruise haven't been the stampede we'd hoped - so our travel agency has authorized us to make this special offer if you sign up right away...

A $100 deposit will hold a cabin until final payment. 
(Normally a deposit is $450 per person)


Any cabin booked before Dec 14th will receive a
$120 coupon book
for use on the cruise
(do you have any idea how many umbrella drinks this will buy?)


You have until December 14th to make yourself
- and possible a good friend -
VERY happy!


Need An Adventurous Springtime Knitting Getaway?
Looking for your own Enchanted April?

How do 10 care-free days on the Caribbean high seas sound!  
(... and did I mention the knitting and crocheting classes?)

Join me and Jennifer Hanson (Stitch Diva Studios) for a magnificent trip around the Caribbean on the Sun Princess!  We'll be stopping in Curacao, Isla Margarita, Barbados, Dominica, St. Thomas & the Bahamas before we return to our home port, Ft. Lauderdale.

I've never even BEEN on a cruise before, and I am absolutely pumped to spend all the time I want with my students, teaching, interacting between classes and really getting to know you!  

I'll be bringing my family and counting on the Princess amenities to keep them all busy and happy - be very afraid -  while I teach, knit and - yes -
have the odd drink at cocktail hour.  

It's always five o'clock somewhere, n'est ce pas?

Download the brochure and registration form here, or contact Giselle's Travel today for more information.

Giselle’s Travel  • georgias@globaltrav.com  • (800) 782-5545

Prices start as low as $840 per person
(double occupancy)*!

(c'mon folks, that's roughly $100 per day
for a Caribbean Cruise!  
Where are you going to find THAT deal -
and with two great stitchers thrown in, too..!)

*Exclusive of port charges and taxes. 

OPTIONAL Knit & Crochet Registration Fee of $300 per person includes all classes & events and is in addition to cruise cost - translation, companions don't need to pay for classes!  Heck, you don't have to sign up for them, either - but you know you really want to!

Giselle’s Travel  • georgias@globaltrav.com  • (800) 782-5545

Men Who Knit
& The Dogs Who Love Them

Coming to Your Local Yarn Shop in January!


Twist & Loop 
At Your Local Yarn Shop!

Twist & Loop

Romantic Hand Knits
Working its way to your Local Yarn Shop for August!

NEW Classes & Venues!

(as well as lots of old favorites!) 

January Appearances February Appearances
The Grove
3010 Juniper Street
San Diego, CA 92104

Knitting with Wire
1/11/2007 6:30 AM

TNNA San Diego

Cables & Lace
1/12/2007 8:00 AM

Learn Toe Up Socks with Mutt-Luks!
1/12/2007 2:00 PM

Wool And Company
211 S. 3rd St.
Geneva, IL 60174

Wavy Lace Scarf
1/29/2007 9:00 AM

Knitting with Wire
1/30/2007 1:00 PM

Double Knitting
1/30/2007 9:00 AM

Learn Toe Up Socks with Mutt-Luks!
1/30/2007 1:00 PM

Arcadia Knitting
1613 W. Lawrence Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

Men Who Knit Signing & Talk
2/1/2007 7:00 PM

Windy City Knitting Guild
Chicago, IL

Trunk Show / Lecture
2/2/2007 6:30 PM

Combination Knitting
2/3/2007 9:00 AM

Love your Lace!
2/3/2007 1:00 PM

Cocoon Circular Sweater (3)
2/4/2007 9:00 AM

Cable Mania (Look Mom, No Needle!)
2/4/2007 1:00 AM

Wild Wools
732 South Ave
Rochester, NY 14620

Double Knitting
2/11/2007 11:00 AM

Combination Knitting
2/11/2007 3:00 PM

New Directions in Knitting With Color
2/12/2007 1:00 PM

Rochester Knitting Guild
Rochester, NY

Knitting Lecture
2/12/2007 7:00 PM

Looks like we're moving -
we've got it narrowed down to a few good houses...

©2006 Annie Modesitt