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End of Quite a Year
A quickening and - concurrently - an easing back.
Dear Friends,

It's been an unusual and wonderful year.  A year that - 12 months ago - we thought we might not have had together.  

As we learn to navigate Gerry's ongoing illness, trying to look on it more as a chronic condition than a terminal cancer, we find ourselves dealing with emotional and physical hurdles we hadn't anticipated.  But that's what life is - jumping the hurdles gracefully.  And if we can't jump them, we'll try to walk around them with as much panache as possible...

Early in 2009 the audiobook version of Knit With Courage will be available in CD or downloadable mp3 format.   The exact release date is to be determined, but right now technical elves are putting the finishing touches on the audio.  

It's being produced through Holton House Audio, and I'm very excited.  I'm also the reader - for better or for worse - but I don't sound entirely awful.  If you'd like to hear a very brief sample, click here.

In 2008 my designing, writing and teaching slowly been diminished in importance.  Although I  miss the income, I relish the chance to spend time with Gerry.  Ironically, he needs me more now than at the time of his stem cell transplant, his mobility has decreased and his pain increased.  We're hoping these negatives are an effect of the cold weather here in MN.  

Although I love having more time at home with the kids.  Travel is fun, but it does tend to make me a bit of a stranger in my own home.  However , I'm hopeful that in 2009 I'll be able to increase my travel schedule and teach more classes.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to return to my 2005-2007 twice a month workshop goal, but I'd like to have at least one out-of-state teaching engagement each month.  

One of my joys in 2008 was scheduling an independent series of classes in Boston - it worked out beautifully and I'd love to do more of that in 2009.

Below are my currently scheduled gigs, please bookmark www.anniemodesitt.com/appearances for the most up-to-the-minute information about my classes.  If I'll be teaching near you at any point and would like me to schedule a class, email me - it might just be possible!  

I'm also hopeful that I'll be able to design more in 2009.  I'd slowed down due to the family health obligations, but I want to make 2009 the year I get my dream pattern book published (self published!) and will continue to fight for the rights of designers to retain intellectual property rights and earn a fair fee for their labors.

We are thankful for every moment we have together, and we miss those we've lost this year.  My cousins, Jan and Patsy, both passed this Fall and they were difficult losses.  As I tell my kids, this sadness is the price of admission to life.  We'll miss them greatly.

Happy New Year to you and your own households!  
May 2009 be healthy and prosperous for everyone!

Annie Modesitt

Caribbean Craft Cruise
April 5-12 2009

I'll be co-teaching with Drew Emborsky
(the Crochet Dude) on a
Craft Cruise with a strong focus on
crochet (but lots of knitting, too!)

Things I fell in love with (or with which I renewed my love affair) in 2008.  If I've left anything off this list I apologize - let me know and I'll try to rectify the situation...

Signature Needles
Lorna's Laces
Fleece Artist Yarns
Namaste Bags
Annie Adams Jewelry
College Club of Boston
Forensic Files
Tilli Tomas
Minnesota Historical Society
Stitch Cooperative
Blueprint Crochet
Knitting Daily TV

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Annie Modesitt Engagements
When? Where? Classes Offered?
January 11 '09 St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Private Class 1884 22nd St NW
Rochester, MN 55901
Combination Knitting
12:30 PM
January 18 '09 The Grove
3010 Juniper Street
San Diego, CA 92104
Love your Lace!
10:00 AM

Knitting With Beads
2:00 PM
January 14/15 '09 Craft Yarn Council of America
2009 Knit & Crochet Out
MALL of AMERICA, Bloomfield, MN
Combination Knitting
(more info TK)
April 5 - 12 '09 Craft Cruises
1200 Western Ave #522
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 579-1953
Combination Knitting
Universal Mitered Bag
(more info TK)
May 10 '09 Shepherd’s Harvest
Shepherd’s Harvest Washington County Fairgrounds
Lake Elmo, MN
Combination Knitting

Class TBD
May 23 & 24 '09 Great Lakes Fiber Show
2474 N. Firestone Rd.
Wooster, OH 44691
Double Knitting
Sat 9:00 AM

Knitting With Beads
Sat 1:00 PM

Love your Lace!
Sun 9:00 AM

Universal Mitered Bag / Modular Knitting
Sun 1:00 PM
June 5, 6, 8 '09 Squam Art Workshops
Squam Art Workshops
Combination Knitting
June 5 9:00 AM

Love your Lace!
June 5 1:00 PM

Combination Knitting
June 6 9:00 AM

Universal Mitered Bag / Modular Knitting
June 6 1:00 PM

New Directions in Knitting With Color
June 7 9:00 AM

June 7 1:00 PM
October 17 & 18 '09 Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool
6550 Spring Brook Ave
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Participation not definite.

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