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Want to take one of my knitting classes?

You can! Even if you're miles (or continents) away from my classroom, you can experience my unique, humorous teaching style.

Learn new techniques in the comfort of your home, practice at your leisure, work as quickly or as slowly as you like.Watch and re-watch my videos as often as you'd like during the class session.

You'll have 4 weeks of 24/7 access to all class materials.

Guided Classes $50 (includes live chats twice a week)
Self Guided Classes $40 (no chats, but all materials)

Refer a Friend (for $5!)

If your email is submitted as a referral while a class is being purchased, I'll pay you $5 via paypal!  There's no limit to referral fees, but the student MUST use your email in the referral box.

Sorry, referrals can only be paid to past, present or future registered students of an Annie Modesitt class (or as I like to call you, PPFRSs.)  

You can't refer yourself...  Unless you have multiple personalities.  Then I get a cut of the TV movie rights.

How Online Classes Work

If you can watch a video online, you can get the full experience of any of my classes. Watch this brief video for a short tour of some of the ning features I'll be using in my class.

It's easy to sign up for one of my classes!

Go to Current Classes and click on the "Add to Cart" button for the class you'd like to take 

  1. After you pay, you'll receive a confirmation that you're in the class.  

  2. Within 24 hours of the start of the class you'll receive an invitation to join the online classroom

  3. Use the invitation you recieve to join your new class network.

Once you're in the class...

  1. Download the pdf handouts, mp3 lectures, and watch the videos

  2. Attend any of the scheduled chats (I'll be at all of them!)

  3. Use the discussion forums to interact with me (and other class members)

  4. Email me with any unanswered questions


Every person who registers for one of my October classes can pick one of my self-published books and I'll send it to you for free!

All you'll have to pay is the shipping
($5 US/$10 International)

Choose From:

• Confessions of a Knitting Heretic
• Knitting Millinery
• Knit with Courage, Live with Hope
• FlipKnits (Set of 4)

Why am I doing this? I have to go back to press on two books in the next week, printing costs have risen significantly, and I need to move some of the stock I have.

Just register for any class and tell me which book you'd like.

As soon as I receive your shipping fee, I'll send the book out right away.

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How Online Classes Work
Refer A Friend

Current Class Offerings

Guided Classes $50
(all materials & live chats)

Combo Knit

Lace Boot Camp

Twisted Float Shrug

Mitered Handbag


Self Guided $40
(all materials but no chats)

Self Guided Combo

Lace Boot Camp

Twisted Float Shrug

Mitered Handbag


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How To Knit (FREE)

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